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GitShark is a mobile git client (or, as I like to call them, "Git GUIs") that allows you to manage repositories, checkout branches, write and commit changes and much more, right from your mobile device.

GitShark beta is out!

Android users, you’re up.

Manage repositories, checkout & merge branches, view & commit changes and much more, right from your Android device.

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Available for all devices running Android 5.0 and up.

iOS and Desktop versions are coming soon!
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You can see all of the repos saved in GitShark's landing screen


Create, clone, add and manage all of your repositories right from your mobile device!

See all of your local and remote branches right from GitShark!


View local branches' status, check their history and add new ones. Even track remote branches, right from GitShark

Tree & Commits

Track the progress of your repo over time. Complete with a visual representation of where your branches and remotes are at present. Further introspection for commits including individual file diffs

A GitShark screenshot showing an integration with GitHub using a single button

GitHub integration

GitShark's single-button GitHub sign-in enables you to quickly login for rapid repository access

Dark mode

Go ahead. Try it. Really, press the button 😉

Fully open-source

Programs made for developers should be accessible to developers, no? We think so, anyway. That's why GitShark is 100% open source, ready to compile. We welcome all kinds of contributions as well! Want to see a new feature in the app? PR it and we'll get it mainlined!

Platforms you’re interested in:

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